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BOTM – Day & Night

  • Cut two 5½-inch squares of the fabric in your stash that is your favorite. If you can’t give up this much of your favorite fabric, then at least choose a fabric that is your favorite color.
  • Cut 2 strips of white or off-white fabric 5½ x 1½”

  • Cut 2 strips of white or off-white fabric 7½ x 1½”

  • Cut 2 strips of black or near-black fabric 5½ x 1½”
  • Cut 2 strips of black or near-black fabric 7½ x 1½”
  • Sew the short strips to either side of the favorite squares. Press seams toward the darker fabric.
  • Sew the longer strips to either side of the blocks. Press seams toward the darker fabric.



Submit 2 blocks, final 7½ x 7½.

Quarter-Square Triangle (QST) BOM

  1. Determine the size squares to cut out of two different fabrics by taking the desired finished size of the block and add 1¼”. Our block should finish at 6½”, so begin with one dark and one neutral (not white) fabric, measuring 7¾” square. You will ultimately four fabric squares to submit a total of four QSTs.
  2. Lay the pieces right sides together, and draw a line on the lighter fabric from corner to corner; and then again from the opposite corner to corner, as shown below.

  1. Using a ¼” seam, sew along each side of just one of the lines, as shown in figure 1. Cut on the line perpendicular to the stitches as shown in figure 2. Cut again between the stitch line as in figure 3. Press the seams toward the dark fabric. (This is very important. Please do not press your seams open.)

  1. Then swap two pieces from this set with two pieces from your second set, sew the two-piece sets together, and press your seams in one direction. You will have two QSTs from each set of 7¾” squares. Submit four QSTs total.

We want our blocks to look somewhat like these.

16-Patch BOTM

Block of the Month: September

This block is called a 16-patch.

For our block this month, we’re using red and white only. From across a room, the red should be a true red, a cardinal red, a red that EVERYONE would call red and not pink or orange or even maroon. RED. The white should be WHITE and not off-white or unbleached muslin. White on white will work very well.


You will submit FOUR blocks that measure 6½” square.

Instructions for Each Block

  1. Take one white rectangle and one red rectangle measuring 4″ x 8″ each, lay them right sides together and sew a ¼-inch seam down each side.
  2. Using your rotary cutter, cut right down the middle of the sewn piece; press seams to the red fabric.
  3. Sew the two parts together to make an alternate red and white striped block.

  1. Cut into strips
  2. Take two strips, flip one, and sew them together. Do the same with the 2nd set. Then sew the two sets together.



Submit FOUR 16-patch blocks, each measuring 6½” square. Please square off your blocks to 6½”.

If you have any questions, call me at 484-201-9078.



A friend of mine named Stephanie lives in Columbia, Maryland. She used to tirelessly collect fabric scraps and sit at guild meetings, cutting the little scraps into business-card size rectangles. She then sews two together, then sews one onto the end to make a rectangle-shaped block. She makes mini quilts and donates them to her special cause. I suspect nothing has changed and she still cuts those bits of fabrics.

I’m not sure where this pattern came from. I do know my cousin Kris made this block, but I believe it was jelly-roll width. You’ll never forget the size pieces you need for this. Just grab a business card and measure it. They also save up very quickly if you’re a quilter. I am currently cutting my leftover scraps into 5-inch squares and these BCB (business card block) rectangles.


Use 100% cotton fabric scraps. The more the merrier. You’ll require 32 total rectangles 2″ x 3½”, which is the size of a standard business card.\

Cut 16 dark prints.

Cut 16 light prints.

  1. Sew center two together (1 and 2), side by side, press.
  2. Sew 3 and 4 to the 1-2 set, as shown at left, press to dark fabric.
  3. Sew the ends of 5 and 6 together, press.
  4. Sew the ends of 7 and 8 together, press.
  5. Sew the 5-6 piece to the top of the 1234 piece, with the pressed seam facing to the 6.
  6. Sew the 7-8 piece beneath the 1234 piece, making sure that you place the pressed 7-8 seam toward the 7 piece. This will ensure that all of our blocks will have “locking seams”.


Make a total of 4 blocks.

  • 2 with darks in the center
  • 2 with darks around the outside

Submit 4 blocks, each squared to 6½”. Do not sew the blocks together! That can be done by the winner.

To reinforce the importance of pressing the seams

When you are holding the finished block with the BACK side facing you, the top piece (5 + 6) seam will be facing left and the bottom piece (7 + 8) seam will be facing right.

Snowball BOTM

Easy, peasy and beautiful. Submit 4 snowball blocks. When you complete the blocks for submission, they will be 6 ½ inches square. When you sew them into a quilt, their finished size will be 6 inches.

  1. Cut four 6½ inch squares, one each out of four different floral print fabrics—please no duplicates!
  2. Cut sixteen 2 inch squares out of lighter neutrals: tans, beiges, off-whites. These can be cut from all the same fabric or up to 4 different fabrics, as desired, but use the same neutral fabric for each block you create, so you need at least four 2 inch squares for each of your blocks.
  3. Sew one set of smaller blocks onto each corner of a larger block. Trim to a ¼ inch seam and press the seam away from the center of the block.
  4. Sew the remaining 3 blocks using the same steps.

Woven Patriotic BOTM

Use 5 fabrics:

  • Fabric 1: Neutral
  • Fabric 2: Patriotic blue
  • Fabric 3: Patriotic red
  • Fabric 4: Patriotic red
  • Fabric 5 Patriotic blue

Cut as follows:

  • Fabric 1: Four 3½” squares
  • Fabric 2, 3, 4, and 5: One 3½” square and one 3½” x 6½” rectangle.

For each quadrant:

  • Sew the two 3½” squares together; press seam AWAY from the neutral
  • Sew that piece to the 3½” x 6½” rectangle; press seam AWAY from the neutral


  • Sew 2 quadrants together, pressing TOWARD the rectangle. Be sure you sew the correct two quadrants together to get the woven look.
  • Sew the 2 halves together. Press in either direction.

Once completed, square your block off to measure 12½” x 12½” for submission.

Magic 9-Patch BOTM

You will make two 9-patch blocks. This requires the use of two fabrics. They should contrast light and dark or color/print, or some other easily visible contrast. We refer to them as light and dark.

Submit two 6-inch (finished size) 9-patch blocks.

1. Begin with two fabric squares. Cut them to be 1½” larger than the desired finished block size. For instance, if you need 6-inch 9-patch blocks, cut these squares to 7½”. If you are not restricted to a specific size, you may want to choose a size that is easily divisible by three. (See Step 3.)

2. Place the right sides together. Using ¼” seam allowance, sew down each side of the squares. If you are making many blocks at once, continue sewing down one side of all the blocks. Do not take them apart. Sew down the other side of all of them, and them snip them all apart at once.

3. Cut the sewn blocks in strips that are 1/3rd the width of the block. Your 7½” squares (for 6″ finished blocks) would be cut into three 2½” blocks.


4. As shown previously, you will now have two strips with seams, and two loose strips. Sew the dark loose strip to the outer side of one of the sewn strips, and sew the light loose strip to the other so that you now have two blocks, one is dark-light-dark and the other is light-dark-light.

Press the seams always to the dark side of the fabrics.


5. Lay the strip blocks right-sides together, and sew in the same fashion as Step 2.


6. Then cut in the same fashion as Step 3.

7. And sew in the same fashion as Step 4, sewing opposite strips so that you have opposing blocks.

Twisted 9-Patch BOTM

You need nine 5-inch squares of fabric. Use 5 dark or medium, and 4 light. Use as many different fabrics as you can. You will also need four 7-inch squares of fabric.

Colors: yellows, oranges, reds

  1. Row 1: Sew together a row of three—dark, light, dark—pressing all the seams in one direction. (The pictures do not really depict the alternating dark and light squares we’re hoping for, but are for instruction only.)
  2. Row 2: Sew another row of three—light, dark, light—pressing all the seams in one direction.
  3. Row 3: Sew another row the same as row 1.
  4. Sew Row 1 to Row 2, along the long side, with your pressed seams in opposite directions so the seams “lock” together.
  5. Sew Row 3 to the other side of Row 2.

  1. Take this block, which should now measure 14″ square, and cut it down the middle.
  2. Turn your ruler or your cutting mat, and cut again the opposite direction.

  1. If necessary, please square off your blocks to 7-inch square.

Now, your submission should be 4 pieced blocks (as shown in pic above) and 4 solid (not pieced) 7-inch squares. For the drawing, submit your name once for each set of 8 blocks. The winner will be able to alternate these pieced blocks with the unpieced blocks and make a treasure.

Crazy Maker BOTM

Take a piece of copy paper and cut to 8½ inches square by cutting 2½ inches off the top.

Draw 4 lines on the paper: Two of the lines vertically, and two horizontally, with no concern for aligning with your paper, as shown:

Using paper piecing methods, put a very bold and bright solid color in the center.

Use a 2nd very bold and bright solid color for the outside pieces. Continue adding pieces 3, 4, and 5, until all pieces are added.

(Not all sewing steps are shown, and the images do not depict your sewing lines.)

Square your block off to 8½” x 8½” square for submission. Fun!