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Snowball BOTM

Easy, peasy and beautiful. Submit 4 snowball blocks. When you complete the blocks for submission, they will be 6 ½ inches square. When you sew them into a quilt, their finished size will be 6 inches.

  1. Cut four 6½ inch squares, one each out of four different floral print fabrics—please no duplicates!
  2. Cut sixteen 2 inch squares out of lighter neutrals: tans, beiges, off-whites. These can be cut from all the same fabric or up to 4 different fabrics, as desired, but use the same neutral fabric for each block you create, so you need at least four 2 inch squares for each of your blocks.
  3. Sew one set of smaller blocks onto each corner of a larger block. Trim to a ¼ inch seam and press the seam away from the center of the block.
  4. Sew the remaining 3 blocks using the same steps.

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