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A friend of mine named Stephanie lives in Columbia, Maryland. She used to tirelessly collect fabric scraps and sit at guild meetings, cutting the little scraps into business-card size rectangles. She then sews two together, then sews one onto the end to make a rectangle-shaped block. She makes mini quilts and donates them to her special cause. I suspect nothing has changed and she still cuts those bits of fabrics.

I’m not sure where this pattern came from. I do know my cousin Kris made this block, but I believe it was jelly-roll width. You’ll never forget the size pieces you need for this. Just grab a business card and measure it. They also save up very quickly if you’re a quilter. I am currently cutting my leftover scraps into 5-inch squares and these BCB (business card block) rectangles.


Use 100% cotton fabric scraps. The more the merrier. You’ll require 32 total rectangles 2″ x 3½”, which is the size of a standard business card.\

Cut 16 dark prints.

Cut 16 light prints.

  1. Sew center two together (1 and 2), side by side, press.
  2. Sew 3 and 4 to the 1-2 set, as shown at left, press to dark fabric.
  3. Sew the ends of 5 and 6 together, press.
  4. Sew the ends of 7 and 8 together, press.
  5. Sew the 5-6 piece to the top of the 1234 piece, with the pressed seam facing to the 6.
  6. Sew the 7-8 piece beneath the 1234 piece, making sure that you place the pressed 7-8 seam toward the 7 piece. This will ensure that all of our blocks will have “locking seams”.


Make a total of 4 blocks.

  • 2 with darks in the center
  • 2 with darks around the outside

Submit 4 blocks, each squared to 6½”. Do not sew the blocks together! That can be done by the winner.

To reinforce the importance of pressing the seams

When you are holding the finished block with the BACK side facing you, the top piece (5 + 6) seam will be facing left and the bottom piece (7 + 8) seam will be facing right.

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